Body & Paint Services

We have been hand selected by Dealership sponsorship to become factory certified. We have completed extensive specialized training for BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, and Mercedes Benz. We have gone to factory training classes to learn how to properly repair your vehicle to factory specifications. We have spent 100,000 of dollars on the special equipment that is required to fix your vehicle the right way, the first time. As a Certified Body Shop we use genuine OEM parts that fit bet and are more reliable than cheaper aftermarket parts. Factory Trained Technicians that are qualified to work on you new Aluminum Vehicle.

Aluminum-aluminum is a more finicky material to work with than steel and to fix damage after a fender bender requires special tools and training. As more automakers embrace aluminum, (Mercedes Benz, Ford, Audi, Tesla, Jaguar, and Infiniti) consumers will face the challenge of finding repair shops qualified to work on the alloy. Here at Scotts Coach Work we have taken the necessary steps to train our technicians and to purchase the required tools to properly repair your vehicle back to factory specifications. READ MORE AT EDMUNDS.COM

Paint Process – All new parts get prepped and clean for paint

  • Repaired parts get primed to protect from erosion to factory specs
  • After all parts have been prepped for paint they get sealed with factory sealer to again protect them from the elements
  • They then enter the Paint booth were they get the base coat applied
  • Next step is to apply clear coat to give the glossy look ant to protect the paint
  • Next step is to cure the paint
  • Color sand and buff next to get any imperfections out of the paint and to bring you vehicle back to factory paint strength