How to Choose the Best Auto Body Shop

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Most luxury car owners prefer auto body shops with top-quality service. Finding the right auto body shop takes consideration, time, and effort. At Scott’s Coach Works Inc., we understand this and strive to give you the best auto body collision repair and painting service for your luxury vehicle. 


Read on to gain insights on choosing the best auto body shop. 


Convenience Is Key, but Certain Factors Matter More:

Read Reviews

Reviews are an excellent source of information about the auto body shops in your locality. Set aside time to read through the online feedback given by other luxury car owners on their experiences in different auto body shops. You can expect to find comments about the price, professionalism, customer service, and quality of work on every premise. 


You can also look out for before-and-after pictures to judge for yourself. 


Check With Your Mechanic

It’s not uncommon for luxury car owners to type the phrase “good body shop near me” on their search engines. While the search engine results might show some auto body shops in your area, your mechanic is best placed to point you in the right direction. Trusted mechanics have extensive knowledge, experience, and current information on auto body shops that can meet or exceed your expectations. 


You can do your due diligence after consulting your mechanic to narrow down to a single auto body shop. 


Look for Certified Technicians

An auto body shop with certified technicians provides professional service to luxury car owners. Certified technicians include qualified professionals recognized by associations such as I-CAR.


The ideal collision repair shop is one certified for individual car models. For instance, a BMW-certified collision repair shop has the tools, personnel, and infrastructure to repair BMW car models. You can expect certification information on the primary websites of collision repair shops or the wall of an auto body shop. 


Ask the Right Questions

Most luxury car owners walk into auto body shops with many lingering questions. The auto body shop that provides written warranties gives clients the best value for money. Asking what the warranty covers and the cover duration helps you make informed choices. 


The minimum warranty cover duration is one year. Lifetime warranties designed to lure clients are, however, unrealistic. Remember to read the conditions stipulated in individual guarantees to get a clearer picture. 


Another question you can ask is whether an auto body shop has theft insurance. This insurance ensures you can be compensated if your vehicle is burglarized, destroyed, or stolen. Your car is likely safer in a shop with all pertinent licenses and a good reputation. 


When you walk into an auto body shop, you will want to know the materials and spare parts the technicians intend to utilize. You may ask, are aftermarket, new, or used spare parts used in repairs? New parts offer you the best value for your money, while aftermarket parts are cheaper and have a shorter lifespan. 


Ask Your Family and Friends

Word-of-mouth from family and friends enables you to select the best body shop based on genuine, firsthand information. You can prioritize the opinions of family and friends who currently own luxury vehicles. 


Quality Auto Body Services in the Phoenix, AZ Area

Scott’s Coach Works Inc. is your best bet if you are looking for the best auto body shop in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. We have been around for over 30 years, and our technicians have the certification, expertise, and experience to offer professional service. You can also expect us to answer all your questions on time. 


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