What to Consider When Getting Your Car Painted

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Having your vehicle painted is no small undertaking, and it requires leaving one of your most cherished assets in someone else’s hands for a fair amount of time to ensure the job is done correctly. When considering a paint job’s price, quality, and other important factors, it’s helpful to get an expert’s broad overview of the process. This guide will help you determine when getting a car painted is your best decision.

When to Get a Car Painted

Getting your car painted can be intimidating, from obvious signs like peeling paint to more nuanced factors like accumulating rust, oxidation, and faded spots. It might seem tempting to ignore minor signs on your vehicle because they don’t appear serious. However, these minor imperfections can often indicate larger issues that could have been prevented by early repair.

For instance, new paint can remove and prevent the spread of rust once it begins. A fresh paint job’s price covers much more than cosmetics.

Consider the Color

If you’re looking for your car’s existing color, you have a wide range of options to compare from. Scott’s Coach Works provides an industry-leading color-matching service that passes even the most discerning inspections.

Types of Paint

Getting your car painted requires an initial coat of sealer and primer, in addition to the paint itself, for which there are several varieties to consider with their pros and cons:

  • Solvent-borne: A long-lasting, high-quality solution. This does require a longer drying time. As noted above, the car will need an initial coat of sealer and primer before the paint is applied. 


  • Water-borne: A less toxic option, water-based paints go on evenly but thinner, allowing imperfections in the body to show more easily. Even with the water-borne paint option, it will require a coat of sealer and primer to be added before application, and the clear coat added after the paint will still need to be solvent-based. 

Besides the paint, getting a car painted requires a clear-coating finish, providing more sheen and protection. All current vehicle manufacturers use a clear coat finish which gives the vehicle a beautiful shine.

At Scott’s Coach Works, Inc, we spray BASF Glasurit, certified by most vehicle manufacturers. Remember, not all paint brands are certified to be used on manufacturers’ vehicles.

Quality of the Work

A quality paint job should last 10–15 years if your car is properly stored. The more exposed your automobile is to the elements, the higher the quality of your paint job must be to make it last even five years. Beyond the quality of paint, you must rely on the most experienced car painter for the most effective, gorgeous, and long-lasting results you’re looking for.

Why You Should Go to A Professional

The quality and cost of paint jobs on cars can vary depending on make, model, and color, making it difficult to pin down unless you have an experienced professional specializing in that exact model. Generic car-painting shops will often charge a blanket cost, and they aren’t as well-versed in the specific model or requirements need to make the paint job look beautiful.

Getting your car painted by a professional will also ensure that the new paint will look just as full and consistent up close as it does from a distance.

Professional Auto Paint Works Available With Scott’s Coach Works, Inc

For over 30 years, Scott’s Coach Works has been the premier collision and paint shop, serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the West Valley. Our family-owned and operated company specializes in luxury and imported vehicles. From the smallest scratch to full bodywork, we give our complete attention to every vehicle entrusted to our care. 

We provide thorough quality checks and inspections to ensure the most exceptional paint job every time. Yet, above all, we ensure our clients are 100% satisfied before any job is considered complete.

For any questions or to request a free estimate, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about your car’s paint job and bodywork needs.


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