What to Know About a Damaged Frame

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The frame is one of the most essential elements of a vehicle. It not only provides structure but is the backbone of your car. Your frame supports the weight of your vehicle and houses all of its components.


Unfortunately, frame damage can occur for many reasons. When it does, your vehicle’s structural integrity can be compromised. Today, we’ll discuss how drivers can identify frame damage through a few common signs, types of frame damage, and steps you can take to address the problem. 


How to Identify Frame Damage on a Car

Here are a few signs of frame damage to know about:


Visible damage

Some signs of frame damage are more obvious than others. Dents, cracks, and creases in the frame are all signs of vehicle frame damage.


Uneven gaps

Have you noticed that your vehicle has uneven gaps between the body panels? Uneven gaps lead to issues like an inability to close the car doors completely. 


Unusual noises

Weird noises coming from your vehicle can happen from time to time. However, one sign of frame damage is if your car makes a squeaking or rattling noise, especially when going over bumps.


Steering pulls in one direction.

Does your steering pull in a specific direction while driving? This is one of the most significant signs that you need a wheel alignment. However, if this issue continues even after such a repair, your vehicle likely has frame damage.


Types and Severity of Frame Damage

Frame damage comes in different forms and varies in severity. Some types of damage include: 


Moderate Frame Damage

  • Sagging frame:  Vehicles with a sagging frame have gaps in the body. When frames sag, the vehicle leans and creates space between its components.
  • Twisted frame: A twisted frame is similar to a sagging frame but is not as easy to identify. With a twisted frame, you might notice that the car feels unstable when accelerating to high speeds or that you experience difficulties turning. 


Severe Frame Damage

  • Sway Damage: A more noticeable type of frame damage is sway damage. This happens when something hits the corner of your vehicle, causing it to lean significantly in one direction. Sway damage can also mess up the vehicle’s alignment and cause transmission issues. 
  • Mashed frame: The most severe type of frame damage is a mashed frame. When a vehicle has been in a head-on or rear-end collision, a mashed frame is more likely to follow. As a result, a mashed frame can lead to other issues like sags, twists, and sway damage. It’s essential to address mashed frames as quickly as possible. Scott’s Coach Works offers comprehensive automotive collision repair services for a variety of vehicle collisions. 

Steps to Take if Your Car Has Frame Damage

Minor frame damage, like small dents and dings, may be resolved without professional assistance. With tools like frame straighteners and pulling posts, it’s possible to get your vehicle to look as good as new. 


However, most vehicles with frame damage benefit from professional service, even if the damage appears minor. Frame damage can cause internal issues, specifically with brakes and steering. To rule out more extensive damage, it’s best to get service from a professional body repair professional whenever you spot any damage to your vehicle’s frame. 


Restoring Structural Integrity: Scott’s Coach Works Delivers High-Quality Repairs

If your vehicle has frame damage, it’s time to contact a professional for service. Some frame damage may appear minor, but there’s no guarantee that your vehicle isn’t compromised. More severe frame damage can lead to additional issues that will ruin your vehicle’s structural integrity if not addressed. 


Scott’s Coach Works is a professional body repair company offering a streamlined process from vehicle drop-off to cleaning the vehicle after reassembly. Don’t sit with frame damage. Protect your vehicle’s structural integrity today with a repair company that cares about quality and integrity.



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