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Scott’s Coach Works prides itself on being a high-quality collision repair facility in Phoenix, AZ. We have the equipment, diagnostics, parts, and expertise to restore your Audi to a pre-collision state. Scott’s Coach Works is proud to serve Audi customers all across the Phoenix metro area.

Superior Facility Standards

Our collision service center keeps our customers’ waiting areas neat and professional. Also, we provide an efficient and safe work environment for our technicians and estimators within and outside the workplace. Scott’s Coach Works is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Genuine Audi Parts

Audi parts are designed to fit Audi vehicles flawlessly. Genuine Audi Parts are derived from the vehicle’s development and are created, manufactured, and tested to ensure that your vehicle maintains its original performance. Scott’s Coach Works uses genuine Audi parts to ensure quick turnaround times and long-term endurance. Don’t submit your safety to low-quality parts. Aftermarket parts are often produced through “reverse engineering” the original parts and are not obligated to match Audi specifications. In addition, non-OEM parts are not mandated to undergo crash testing to ascertain that they integrate with your Audi’s safety systems.

End-to-End Customer Service

From the time you contact us, we will do everything to get you back on the road. We’ll inspect the damage, make a repair suggestion, and get to work upon your consent. It’s hard enough to be in an accident. We’re here to make things better.

Our expert craftsmanship provides assurance, but it’s our outstanding customer service that sets your mind at ease. We’ll keep you informed throughout the repair process so you know precisely what’s going on with your car. 

Our service deploys Audi-approved equipment, parts, and coatings.

Reach out to us today to get your Audi scheduled for an estimate or repairs.


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From our professional office staff to our experienced technicians, you’ll feel confident that you’ve chosen Scott’s Coach Works. Come see for yourself, we’re definitely not your typical body shop!