What to Know About a Damaged Frame

Damaged Frame

The frame is one of the most essential elements of a vehicle. It not only provides structure but is the backbone of your car. Your frame supports the weight of your vehicle and houses all of its components.   Unfortunately, frame damage can occur for many reasons. When it does, your vehicle’s structural integrity can…

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Is My Car Safe to Drive After an Accident?

car Accident damage

Being in an auto wreck is a scary experience. Asking yourself, “What do I do now?” is a common question from our clients at Scott’s Coach Works in Phoenix. Break down your action plan into two sections: what to do in the immediate aftermath of an auto wreck and what you should do after the…

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How to Choose the Best Auto Body Shop

bumper dent | Scotts Coach Works

Most luxury car owners prefer auto body shops with top-quality service. Finding the right auto body shop takes consideration, time, and effort. At Scott’s Coach Works Inc., we understand this and strive to give you the best auto body collision repair and painting service for your luxury vehicle.    Read on to gain insights on…

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Things to Know About Collision Repair

collision repair shop | Scotts Coach Works

A car accident can turn your life upside down in a split second. Near the top of your list of concerns is how to get your car fixed. Since it’s not something most people think about beforehand, there’s a lot of confusion about collision repair after an accident.   An automobile accident is stressful enough. You…

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What to Consider When Getting Your Car Painted

Painting Services | Scotts Coach Works

Having your vehicle painted is no small undertaking, and it requires leaving one of your most cherished assets in someone else’s hands for a fair amount of time to ensure the job is done correctly. When considering a paint job’s price, quality, and other important factors, it’s helpful to get an expert’s broad overview of…

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